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About Life Treasures Guide & Workbook

This workbook serves as a guide to raise Good People by planting the seeds of good character in children. These seeds form good values and habits to open the doors of opportunity Life beholds.

The Method is simple. 

Recited daily, The Good Habits will live in your child’s consciousness.

You are the most important factor in laying a strong foundation for your child.

Reciting the habits together validates the content for your child and creates

awareness critical to character development. It also creates a platform that inspires dialogue.

Awareness promotes future thought, inquiry and “aha” moments. Each habit

sparks conversations relating to the development of kind, responsible, mannerly, resilient and happy individuals. The foundations of good character and leadership are laid as a result of your consistent efforts. Once acquired, these habits are tools and skills that serve your child for a lifetime.

Instilling a belief in your child that success is within their reach through positive and actionable deeds demonstrate that these habits are indeed . . .