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Motherhood and parenting was the best time of Violet Shimoko’s life.
It was a wonderful and rewarding experience.
Yet she realized that the most important position in the world did not
require a certification, degree or even a basic "multiple choice" exam
[like the mandatory driver's license test] needed to drive a car.


She became a student of parenting by learning everything she could through books,
lectures, workshops, support groups and conversations.

The information was abundant and readily available yet overwhelming
because of the divergent philosophies and parenting practices she was exposed to.

Violet's only son became "The Experiment" on her parenting adventure.
Among all the resources available to her,
good ol’ common sense practices, that have stood the test of time,
resonated and prevailed, …  minus the "rod," of course!
She focused her parenting “best practice” on developing and nurturing good character in her son.

Through the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius,
parenting gurus, psychologists, teachers, her mother and many more, …. she embraced and adopted the common denominator in their teachings as the bedrock of character development,
The Golden Rule.

The moment of truth arrived one day when her son flew the coop to create a life of his own.

Violet's life of 33 years with her husband crumbled shortly after her son’s departure.
She found herself searching for meaning and purpose to complete her Life.
Her emergence from darkness, self-reflection and self-study revealed a path that became
vividly clear…..
"Children are the living message we send to a time we will never see."
~ Neal Postman

She recalled this quote a friend shared with her long ago.  
It became her inspiration to develop a simple program that would provide parents with tools to establish the foundations of good character in their children.  It even enabled her to revisit the happiest and most rewarding time of her life!

With quote in mind, her son and muse ready to take on the world, Violet conceptualized a leadership and character education program for girls ages 7-12 she called ClubCharm.  
She operated it for 3 years until she was diagnosed with cancer.  
She sadly closed ClubCharm’s doors but another door revealed itself in “Life Treasures.”

“Life Treasures” is the “manualized” version of ClubCharm.  
It provides parents with a simple roadmap to help their children develop the foundations of good character
through good habits so they will be a
conscious and happy “living message” parents send to a time they will never see.